Thursday, November 1, 2007

Est May 19th, 2006

Welcome all to our blog. Well a little about us hmm. Well Scott and I have been married for a litle over a year now. Scott is working for his Dad , framing houses in Stansburry Park. I am also working for my dad as the Office manager in his rain gutter company.I also coach track for Bingham High School. I am an assistant sprint coach and Head in long jump. We just bought a house in Herriman back in Feb and LOVE it! We are primary teachers for the CTR 7 class. For those of you who are just gettin you know us Ill give you a little background. Scott and I met my junior year of high school. We lived only a few blocks from each other. Are families knew each other and my sister even dated his cousin. Yet scott and I had no idea who each other was. Well we were headed down to a track meet in Idaho and on our bus ride there that is when I first met Scott. Apperently he fell head over hills when he saw me but I didnt even really care at the time. Well long story short we ended up hookin up by the end of the trip and have been together EVER since. 4 WONDERFUL years.