Friday, June 13, 2008


Today is a WONDERFUL day. My 21st BIRTHDAY!! YAY,I will load more pics as I can but here is a couple of me opening my gifts from my sweatheart Scooter. I got Movies,CLOTHES,Wii Fit ( coming soon).He also has some surprise "trip" I think its a trip anyway that he wont tell me about tell after I get home from work. So I am sure a TON more pics will be coming soon! PS Sorry I dont look the best.

YAY for me!

ME surounded by my PINK presentsMy wondering what is inside!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I was able to go to my niece and sister in laws dance performance on Friday. She is just at that age were they do not know all the moves yet so they just kinda do there own thing and she sure did. Here is a few picure of them. I know they are dark but it was dark and I had to shut the flash off. They bothed dance to 3 songs. Hairspray mix is the on that she did last so I have a really good picture of that! I also threw in a few pics of 2 of the 3 proud brothers there. Not sure why I never got a pic of Talmage. Conner was smiling so good for me too. He was pulling all sorts of faces. I love being an AUNT!!!!!!

Here Is Adalee with her dance trophy!( Her poor lip still has ouchies)

This one is really dark but she is shakin her BUTT how cute. She is the small one in the middle.

My Beautiful sister in law Marianne. I thought it was cool how it caught her lines!
Here she is again. Hard to miss BRIGHT orange!
Adalee bendin down doin her thing.
Kaden was a little bored I think

Like how cute Kaden is in the background. This is my little chunkers!

He was clappin too! YAY Bubba!

Look at that smile. He melts his Aunts heart!!!!!!

Monday, June 9, 2008


Well I think we ALL have to vent a little so here is my most recent anger. Well I am just a little grumpy about DUMB parents. You need to be grateful that you were even blessed to have such a little blessing in your life. If you are not responsible enough to take the steps that you need to than don’t whine that you have to be a parent. You need to look at life a little differently. Not everyone can even have children. Don’t go and give your children to someone else to raise and than complain that you are pregnant with another. If you are not ready to be the parent that YOU need to be than please don’t be the child’s parent. There are so many more WONDERFFUL families that are unable to have kids that would love to be the best parent and unable to raise such wonderful BLESSINGS. Notice I keep using the word BLESSING. That is what these precious little children are. If God was to send you down a million dollars would throw it into the garbage can. NO you wouldn’t. So why would you take a poor innocent child and treat it like TRASH.I know that parents feel like they have a lot going in the world and cant handle the pressure that a child brings. I know divorce can be hard on you. Remember it’s just as hard if not HARDER on the child. Do not use your child as a "tool" to get under your ex's skin. It’s unfair to the innocent victim.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Garden take 2

I know I know you think why in the hell are you planting flowers in your satalite dish . Well our HOA doesn't allow it to be installed the way it is but if its not that way it blows over. SO we were approved by making it into a flower box.So here we are planting again. I liked last years flowers better but I am going to get more as well. We have more holes to fill. I love Gerbers so if you know of any good ones send them my way!


Half Finished product


Yesterday Scott and I added a few flowers to our front "garden". We still need to buy more flowers but here we are planting away.


Scott ( he just got home from work that is why he looks CRAZY)

The almost final product. Scott just HAD to leave the UGLY bush and rocks that were there before. Hence I live in the "boulders" we have to have boulders.

Tate's 1st Birthday

Sunday Scott and I went to our Nephew Tate's first Birthday. Its so crazy how they grow up so fast and so CUTE! Here is a couple pictures of the birthday boy and all of the kids playin!

Tate eating cake!
It was YUMMY Marci good job!!!!

Opening presents!

He was so excited to open our presents!It was a cute little penguin thing and trucks!

One of the trucks we got him!

Sara,Bo and Jacob Playin