Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Porter Scott Moeller

So as you can tell by the title we found out what we are having a BOY!!!!!! He was so cute and moving all around but he would not uncross his legs so we didnt get a good leg picture of him :( We were able to see right away that he is 100 % a BOY! Here is a few pictures of him.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Alright the guessing begins. If BABY MOELLER will have it we find out Fri at 4:15 what we are having. Just want to hear all of your guesses. Is it Porter Scott or ..... Not sure on a girl name maybe Madison call her Madi.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Our BIG News!!!!

As most of you are my facebook friends you already know but Scott and I are expecting our first little Oct 13th. We couldn't be any happier. Well..... We would if Scott was going to be here ( more to come on that later). Scott and I pretty much gave up on the pregnancy route after trying for over 3 years. We decided that we would not prevent but we would not put me back on any of the medicine and just take it month by month. I started feeling so sick right before our Mesquite trip with his parents which was in Feb. I thought to myself the night before we were packing I just have something in there like I ate something bad as soon as it gets out I will feel better. Little did I know it was a little one growing inside of me. I had just found out that I had a 2.5 INCH size cyst on one of my ovaries which is very common for me and I didn't even think HELLO pregnancy. I called the doctor when we got back from our trip cause I still didn't feel the best to ask if this was normal because of my cyst. They told me to watch all signs very careful because if it was to get bigger we could have bigger problems. The nurse asked me if I had taken a pregnancy test. I pretty much told the nurse she is crazy its impossible I just had an Ultra sound to see my cyst nothing was said than and I CANT get prego. After I hung up with her I got thinking. Maybe I WAS prego. I called Scott to ask of course he was man he had no idea. So I went to the next source, MOM! My mom pretty much told me I was prego too. I decided to take a test that night. On my way home from work I stopped to get a test to see. I took immed. when I got home. It was like INSTANT I was PREGO. I of course after trying for you years didn't believe so I had to try again. Once again Clear as day PREGO. I called my mom to see if this was right and if its true she CANT tell my DAD. If you know my Dad his grandchildren mean the world to him and for me to FINALLY be able to give it to him mean the world to me. I called the doc made an appt but it was not going to be for a little over TWO weeks. Scott was already excited to tell the world so we decided to tell our parents. ( JUST our parents..hahaha). Of course my Mom knew so I asked her if we could come over ( this was a Friday night) and come tell Dad. Well... my sister decided to ruin the plans and wanted to go to dinner with my parents too. I decides I would tell her too so we just met them at Ruby Tuesdays. When we walked in they had already been sat so I handed my Dad a target bag full of treats. Baby RUTHs, Sugar BABIES, JUNIOR mints,BABY bottle POP,etc. As he was looking through it ( poor guy was drugged up as he just had shoulder surgery) he was like oh how nice of you all my favorites but pulls out baby bottle pop says but why this.. My brother in law looks at me really.... I was like yeah. I than handed my Dad a gift bag with bibs in and said ok maybe you will get it now. He was so excited once he finally got it haha. We than headed to Scott parents house to tell them. The weekend before when we were in Mesquite ( sorry to tell Lisa) Scott Mom locked the ONLY set of keys there in the car. We had to call a lock smith and $$$$ later we got the keys! So we decided to give Scott parents a in case of an "emergency kit" (in case she locks her keys in her car again). It had bottle,bibs,Binky's,etc. As Lisa opened it up she was very surprised to see baby stuff instead of car stuff. They are also excited to add one more into the list of grandchildren. This will make # 8 for them and 9 for my parents. Sorry a long post but we are so excited to become parents and cant wait for Oct to expand our happy little family into three.
Here is a picture of our whittle baby at almost 10 weeks. ( 9 weeks and 5 days to be exact!)