Thursday, September 25, 2008

Scotts Birthday/Mesquite

Last weekend we were able to go to Mesquite with Scott's parents for Scott's birthday. His birthday was on Sunday but we headed out Friday morning and came home on Sunday. We left around 7 stopped in Lehi for breakfast and went on with our trip. We took another stop in Beaver to see Scott's brother and catch up!We finally arrived I think it was 1 Mesquite time. We just hung out in the casino and played a bit because our rooms were not ready.We checked in and just hung out and ate. Saturday morning Scott and his dad woke up early and went and GOLFED. Scottie favorite thing to do. He ended up BEATING his Dad for once and held that one over his head(it may not happen again he had to!)Mean while Mom and I sat in our hotel rooms chilling and getting ready for the day. When they got back we went to "brunch" and once again hung out and ate. Scott and I did a late night run to Walmart for some treats and came back watched a movie on our laptop! Sunday (Scott's BIRTHDAY!!!) we woke up ate and headed back home. We stopped again in Beaver and was able to see his brother again. This time it was a little sadder knowing it could be awhile before we see again not just 2 short days.We got home and watched the Cowboys WIN another game. I let Scott open his presents on Thursday and of course he had to play his video games. I got him 3 Tiger Woods golf 09' on Wii ,Fishing game(I cant remember the name) on Wii,Rainbow 6 Las Vegas 2. My mom Got him his traditional present NCCA 09'. He just has to have the newest football and golf. Scott got a few other misc things like clothes,Cologne, rechargeable batteries for 360 controller,jump rope,etc. Just things like that. Over all it was fun. I hope/think he had a GREAT birthday. This next week have another football game on Saturday lets hope they win!
Pics Coming soon......

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Usually I just blog about events but I need to have a “vent “blog. This morning on my way to work I was listening to 97.1. I listen every morning for their Hollywood sleaze. I love the GOSSIP! Well today I was running a little late so I got to hear more of the morning show than I usually do and they were talking about a topic that really makes me mad and them too I guess. Jessica (the sleaze specialists, is that a title?) Anyway, the subject was on the sex of babies and people who are just irate when they find out it is not the sex they wanted. Jessica made me SO proud of her. She said you know they should be lucky that they can even have children and be grateful for what they have. There are a ton of people out there that would even love to have just one. THANK you Jessica! I am so glad that she said that. Scott and I are just like those people that would just to love to have one. I want nothing more in this world to be a MOM and to know that it may never happen is devastating. People take things SUCH granted that it is just NUTS.I feel bad for the poor little kids that have to be brought up In such a terrible home. Parents BE grateful for your children. There is a reason why they are sent down to you at a certain time and place. It’s not always about OUR time or what WE want. The Lord has a plan for each and every one of us. We may not like what he has in store but TOUGH. There are a lot of trials you will go through in life and having a boy when you want a girl or vs. Is NOT one and it’s not the end of the world. Also be consider it of infertility. I didn’t really get it either until I was in the position of month after month waiting and hoping it would work and getting devastated every time. I know you are all thinking well she is ONLY talking about me. NO everyone is like that. My sister and I were talking the other day (she was able in 8yrs have 1 child so far) on how annoying and rude people can be. Here are a few guidelines to follow; Just because you are trying to get pregnant doesn’t mean the first sign of sickness you are all the sudden pregnant. People STILL get sick and have tummy aches without being pregnant. Don’t keep ASKING month after month are you pregnant yet? NO, if we were we WOULD tell. Trust me if we were pregnant we WOULD tell it would be so exciting we wouldn’t be able to hold it back. Don’t just ASSUME you can have kids RIGHT when you want to. Even if it is your 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. You never know. If it’s your time you will have one. Don’t wait if you are suppose to because of selfish reason. School, work traveling, etc. If there is suppose to be a child in your life and you know it don’t hold back. Be GRATEFUL god is giving you his child to protect over this crazy world. It is hard enough to walk on in your daily lives seeing Moms, children, and future moms walking around without you rubbing it in our face. If you don’t feel like you can raise that child and be grateful give them a better home to someone who will. There are plenty of families out there that can give that child a better home. Also with saying that don’t make anything else MORE important than your family. NO job, NO vacation, NO sport, etc should take over the needs of your family. I was very grateful to be able to grow up in a home where my mom did NOT work. She was always there to count on. She still is today. If you want a GREAT example of motherhood turn to my MOM. She has been there for me and my sister through our time have grief with us waiting months and months to give her more grandchildren. She is patient loving and only asks questions when we need to turn to her or knows it’s the right time. Pray for those who are without. It is a mental struggle as it is physical. Show love and compassion. Give advice on things to do but don’t be over bearing with ideas on what WILL work. I could go on and on and on and on. I think I have already wrote a book already but my LONG story short, don’t COMPLAIN about the sex of your child be grateful that you are able to have them.

My siter and I

Mom and I

Monday, September 8, 2008

U of U Vs UNLV Games

Scotties favorite time of year is HERE...

Scooters only bad quality is that he is Ute fan. So ME bein the nice wife I am (wink,wink) suck it up and go to every home they have. I have been a BYU fan since I was born. I have been to almost every home game since I was born. I kindly gave that up for Scott and will cheer the U on as long as there not playin MY team of course. So here we are at the first game of the season against UNLV. They killed them 42-21. It was the 10th year of the Rice-Eccles stadium so they had some fireworks at the end of the game.As always we had a busy week but we had fun with each other.

Another Mans Junk is Another Mans Treasure......

So....My in-laws had a "yard sale" on Saturday Morning. Friday night we all got together for Hamburger night, and to prepare for the yard sale. I snapped a view pics of the kids and a few with me and the kids (not good sorry). We got up early Sat morning and waited while people came to purchase all the junk we didn't want anymore. They actually made some pretty good money so it made it worth it in the end.
Bo and the Care bear
Haylee was all snug in my blanket. ( it got really cold) Bo was helpin dust everything off
The kids and I snugglin cause it was so COLD

Look how cute he is
CHEESE Haylee was practicing some exercises but Bo just need a snuggle
She was readin to the kids

Oh we are to cute hehe.....
here is a better pic of Haylee,Nikolaus and Jacob.
Tater bug playin in the grass All smiles

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Labor Day!

So my family didn't do its normal camping weekend on Labor day this year. So we decide to get together on Monday and go boating. Well the weather decided for us instead and ended up not going. So we had to make other plan. On the phone with my sister and Mom.( 3 way calling) I thought lets go to the movies. I look and with all the kids (5(7,5,5,3,1) and one on the way) we have to see kid movies. Looking to go to the District there was no movies.I had the brilliant idea of going to the $1. Well everyone else in Utah had that idea too. The line was HUGE. I messed taking a picture but we wanted to see Kun Fu Panda. By the time we got together and in line 2 showings were sold out. We decided that the movie was not a good idea. We decide to all go shopping or whatever an meet back with take out at Mom and Dads and play games.My sister ,Mom and I went shopping an came back and got our boys an headed over. We played Rock Band and boy was it FUN. My family is a HOOT.

Brian is REALLY good

We always make her sing ( Rachelle)

This pic is crazy. It actually shows Amy really well Just me Playin
Talmage was actually pretty good ( He gets baptized next month AHHH)
We were so tight we made him look hunchback
Ahh Better I love this pic
Tim playin the drums

Look at Mom play the drums to funny
Just watchin
Tplayin the guitar ( he is not my little T anymore)
Hanging out. Rachelle is singing away
Her face in this one is CLASSIC

Hittin Balls

Scott and I went and hit balls on Saturday at Mulligans after the Utah vs Michigan game (YAY BYU). ON the 17th we are headed to Mesquite for Scott's birthday with his parents. So Scott wants to be" TOP notch" as he says for golfing with his Dad. Scott has recently got me into golfing so I hit a few balls myself. I did not want to go at first but we ended up having a great time.

He was hittin it so fast you cant even see his club

Gettin ready to hit

My Handsome Husband

Here I am

Hot I know