Monday, September 8, 2008

U of U Vs UNLV Games

Scotties favorite time of year is HERE...

Scooters only bad quality is that he is Ute fan. So ME bein the nice wife I am (wink,wink) suck it up and go to every home they have. I have been a BYU fan since I was born. I have been to almost every home game since I was born. I kindly gave that up for Scott and will cheer the U on as long as there not playin MY team of course. So here we are at the first game of the season against UNLV. They killed them 42-21. It was the 10th year of the Rice-Eccles stadium so they had some fireworks at the end of the game.As always we had a busy week but we had fun with each other.


Jessica Emily said...

i totally had to convert to "Uteism" when I married Justin. My whole family is BYU fans, so needless to say it makes the BYU/Utah games... eventful... when we are together. ;)