Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hittin Balls

Scott and I went and hit balls on Saturday at Mulligans after the Utah vs Michigan game (YAY BYU). ON the 17th we are headed to Mesquite for Scott's birthday with his parents. So Scott wants to be" TOP notch" as he says for golfing with his Dad. Scott has recently got me into golfing so I hit a few balls myself. I did not want to go at first but we ended up having a great time.

He was hittin it so fast you cant even see his club

Gettin ready to hit

My Handsome Husband

Here I am

Hot I know


Trevor & Lindsey said...

How cute! Trevor is trying to talk me into it but I dont think I can break my softball swing, lol!

The Gardners said...

I really want to start up golfing too! Kyle and my family LOVE it. We should all go sometime.

Jessica Emily said...

We love golfing too!
We should all get together and go sometime!...although I am not so good at it!... and the season is pretty much over. lol!

kimbob said...

Bob would love for me to get into it. He even saved his old clubs for me for when "I take up golfing"