Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Family Night

So once again another family night of layin sod. My brother is re-doing his yard and needed a little help on laying the sod. So once again pizza and layin sod night with my family.Family get together are always fun at the Brown house.A thing of layin sod actually was FUN! There is a lot of pictures but other need to yoink so sorry........

Bubba playin on the little playground he was to cute and tryin to hide from the camera
Sorry I look bad I was tired at this point
eatin after workin hard ( Scott,Rodger,and Mom)
Amy,Dad and Rachelle ( I know she is going to love this one)
Dad hurt his elbow
Look how cute!

Gettin the sod So much fun...
We had an assembly line at the end
So dirty
Scott was so tired just got back from work too

Addie and Bubba
He wanted to try too
no BUTT pic this time just all grins (Rachelle)
Marianne workin hard


kimbob said...

it's fun seeing pictures of your family :) I love getting together with my family too, it's always a good time. Nice of you guys to help your brother, the yard looks good from what I can see. I love how you are always including pictures of yourself, I should do that more

Alexis said...

It looks like a lot of fun! Your nephew is a cutie in these pics!

The Gardners said...

Wow I haven't seen your family in ages! Say hello to your dear mom for me please. Did you hear about Brett's farewell on Sunday? We still don't know if we can go, but if we do I would LOVE to see you! : )