Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wendover FUN!

On August 1-3 Scott and I took Kev ( and Lu Lu ) to Wendover for Kevs BIG 21 birthday.We decorate his room because the whole thing was suppose to be a surprise but ended up on getting ruined because secrets just don't get kept with all of us. We are all to close. We sent Scott off with Kev and we did a two sec decor job.Also there is a lot pics with "Wendover Will" but we had to rotate us all and I put them all on here for yoinking purposes. We ate and hung around. It was so fun. Back at the hotel Kev decided to jump on the beds back and forth. Well we all took a turn and after about Kev's millionth jump he BROKE it. We were able to put it back together but it was so funny.Below are some pics of the FUN weekend.
Sorry we were drivin past so its fuzzy!

Donkey kick

Jumpin on the bed


Fixin the bed
Gettin ready to go run a muck!
Close up of ME!

Close up view of us
Linds,Me,and Scott
Kev,Me and Scott

He decided to decorate him too
The trio ( Kev,Linds,and Me)
Scott and I

Part of the room
Kevs first time!

Linds and Kev