Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bri's wedding!

One of my Best friends FINALLY got married July 29,2008. She looked beautiful. We were unable to make it to the ceremony due to BAD traffic. I mean BAD traffic a semi decided to loose his load and cause us to wait in traffic for close to 2 hrs. We are still sorry but we love you Bri and Jake.
Marci andAndrew,BRI AND JAKE,Cory and Jenna, Scott and I we are all married now! This was a the BBQ dinenr the night before.
Jenna "cutting" the cake! Pretty cake !
Bris sister Kailee we love her and Almost ALL the guys we hungout with in Highschool There all finally back from missions ( I think)
Kev and Kailee
Scott and I ( sorry not a very good pic)
The threesome is back ( she was so pretty)

Daddy Daugher Dance