Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hair Cut

OK OK OK so its not to exciting and these pictured are horrid,but I thought those of you who read my blog because you never see me might want to see that I got a a haircut. It was not a ton prob 3 in at most but totally different style and I made the top of my hair a little blonder.My niece and I took the before and after pics so take them as you will. Ps Scott got a hair cut too but his is not anything to big becausehe always gets it cut. I have talked him into the cut of the amazing fohawk. It looks so cute on him. Ill have to snag a picture and post it later on.



A Couple days after its starting to look better. Its about the perfect length now


Jenna said...

Holy crap! I love the new hair! It's SO cute!!!

kimbob said...

I love that cut on you, looks good! I was looking for you when I came in last week!