Thursday, October 30, 2008

Talmage Baptism!

I know I am late on this but I just had to post how cute he is.This is my oldest nephew on his baptism!
My Whittle boy is not Whittle anymore sad:(

Conner loved the bag.
I guess grandma brought him a present too

Its probably only been what two years since I knew my dad could play the piano.

Carving PUNKINS!

On Saturday we had friends come over and we carved PUNKINS (yes I know how to spell that is just how we say it).We had a FUN time carving and eating punkin seeds from the punkins we were carving! Thanks again for coming over!
Scott and I
Scott Punking the Joker!

The best movie Jack from NIGHT MARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS!

Chuck,Jake,Scott,and Mine ( the others were not done yet)

Baby Anna

On Monday Scott, Chuck and I headed up to Provo to visit with one of my best friends growing up, Natalia & Kyle Gardner. It has been a long time since I have had the opportunity to hang out with her and it was FUN! She just had a little girl in August so we got to see her too!!!! Thanks again Tal and Kyle we hope to hang out again SOON!!!

PS Sorry the pics are not the best Scott was having a hard time!

Our Triple B-day!

Where this day is Halloweens Eve,Eve for most, in our Family it means THREE birthdays. My dad, brother and nephew. Timothy Lee Brown, Timothy Lee Brown (aka JR), Kaden TIMOTHY Brown.I know that is mouthful but can you believe it 3 on one day. It makes it easy for gift giving. This year work threw them a B-Day BBQ (Sorry no pics).It was FUN until I got ran over by the fork lift from the birthday boy ( dad).No worries my toes are ok( I think).I just have a few aka a million blood blisters on my toes and we don’t think they are broken the swelling is already down. They say things come in threes so what is next????AHHHHH!!! Than later that night my family went to Wingers ( Tims fav) for dinner. It was nice to get together with the fam again! HAPPY BIRTHDAY again you THREE!!!!!!!!!!
Thi is Rachelle lookin STUNNING with the Birthday cake.
My HOT Husband and I

The fam take 1

The fam take 2


Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Acting like your ten when your not leads to this.........

PS I will Post more of the pics I promised last time I just had to tell you all how dumb I was.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Carmel Apples!!!!

Scott,Debbie,Chuck,and I all went out and had a FUN night one Friday evening. I wanted to do something Halloweeny and it was just TO cold to go out so we stayed in and made Carmel Apples.They were YUMMY!!! WOW look at the both of them!
The Dirty TWINS ( out fam has called us that since we were really little)
Chuck aka Crystal decided to catch up on reading while we unpealed the carmel wrapers


Scott and I have been up to a lot lately.U of U football games,Fall FUN!,Baptism,and most important just spending time with the two of us!! (Ill blog pics on diff posts of the ones I have pics of!).Um between work and and all this fun nothing really new?? So wait for new blogs to come!

FINALLY pics!!!!

Scotts Birthday pics...

Sorry there is not better ones but these were the best I guess I didnt take good pics.
I love this pic he looks so cute!
Scott and I
Mom(Scotts) playin the machines ( she is going to KILL me with this pic I know it hehe)
~Silly faces~
I always have to stop and take a pic in the beaver chair ( Look FINALLY a pic of Dad ( scotts)
The both of us!!!