Thursday, October 30, 2008

Our Triple B-day!

Where this day is Halloweens Eve,Eve for most, in our Family it means THREE birthdays. My dad, brother and nephew. Timothy Lee Brown, Timothy Lee Brown (aka JR), Kaden TIMOTHY Brown.I know that is mouthful but can you believe it 3 on one day. It makes it easy for gift giving. This year work threw them a B-Day BBQ (Sorry no pics).It was FUN until I got ran over by the fork lift from the birthday boy ( dad).No worries my toes are ok( I think).I just have a few aka a million blood blisters on my toes and we don’t think they are broken the swelling is already down. They say things come in threes so what is next????AHHHHH!!! Than later that night my family went to Wingers ( Tims fav) for dinner. It was nice to get together with the fam again! HAPPY BIRTHDAY again you THREE!!!!!!!!!!
Thi is Rachelle lookin STUNNING with the Birthday cake.
My HOT Husband and I

The fam take 1

The fam take 2