Thursday, October 30, 2008

Talmage Baptism!

I know I am late on this but I just had to post how cute he is.This is my oldest nephew on his baptism!
My Whittle boy is not Whittle anymore sad:(

Conner loved the bag.
I guess grandma brought him a present too

Its probably only been what two years since I knew my dad could play the piano.


kimbob said...

what a great day, I appreciate being invited!! All our kids are growing, lots of upcoming baptisms

Heidi and Sam said...

Hey Crystal! Cute blog. Check out mine I wonder if I will ever have 3 birthdays on my birthday me, Karlee and a future grandchild? Time will tell I guess. Birthday sharing is way to common is our fam! Anyways have a great day. Oh do you mind if I link you on my blog. I don't mind if you want to link mine on yours!