Friday, September 18, 2009


Well I never have a chance to update this anymore and I am truely sorry...

Not a ton has gone on with us. I dont even remember the last time I posted. Scott and I RE-united. August 8th. It was very simple wedding in my brothers beautiful backyard. It was just what we wanted simple and sweet. We got married on Saturday adn Off we went Tuesday to Fort Still Ok. We stoped grand junction Colorada,Texas,and Final destination Lawton OK. We made this our "honeymoon" trip but it ended by me flyin back and Scott stayin for training. Scott has to re-class to artilery so he had to go for 6 weeks of training.He graduates next week and it couldnt come any sooner. I am just working as always and keeping busy. I seem to never be home. I had a list of thigns I wanted to get done while he was away and I have accomplished like 1 or two of them. I have been enjoying the time with my best friends going to concert,fairs, joined a co-ed softball team and just haning out.

On a sad note...
Scott called me today which is always unusal to get a call in the day. He has had this bump on his leg that has really been bothering him so he got it looked at today.They had to cut it open and squeeze it out. He had an infection.He is on a antibiotic and if he makes sure he keeps it clean he will be ok. He cant work at all today. So he is bored sitting in his room all day. It makes me sad I cant baby my baby cause he is so far away....

Anyway I will post pics soon and try to update his blog and this blog better later.

Friday, July 31, 2009


Scott and I are gettin married Aug 8th. I know I know its SO fast but welcome to army life. Scott only has a two week leave before he heads off to Fort Sill OK for more training. We would love for all of our close friends and family to come. Please message me for more details.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Im leavin on a jet plane AGAIN

In just three short weeks I go see my man graduate boot camp.Can you believe it. Oh I cant wait to see him AGAIN.The last two weeks went by so fast I hope the last 3 do as well. My birthday is on the 13th what better way to celeberate than the following week seeing Scott. I will update better later


I think I have decided to join the private party on this one too. Please give me your e-mails.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Scotts blog

Its up and kinda running hehe so check it out. I think I made it private so may have to give me your e-mails!!

Some pics of Georgia

Thought you might like a couple pictures from Georgia!!
So in love!!! Oh he loves me!!!!

It amazes me how amazingly HANDSOME he is ( even bald hehe)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

You dont know what you got tell its gone

A lot has happened since I last blogged but I guess now is better than ever to let you all know what is going on. Scott and I went through the worst up and downs a couple could go through. We ultimately decided to get a divorce. Well as you can see in my last post Scott joined the National Guard. He left for boot camp March 3rd. Our divorce was final March 6th. We decided to stay friends and so we wrote back and forth for the last two and half months. Well the saying you don't know what you got tell its gone fits us perfectly. Scott and I learned really quick that we really DID love each other and that we really are meant to be.Scott got a pass from boot camp so I flew down to Georgia to see him.Scott and I decide that we just cant live with out each other and NOW are ENGAGED.Yeah you heard that right ENGAGED. We are not sure when we will get married "again" yet. He has weeks and weeks left of training and we are planning on tying the knot AGAIN. When he is done.He graduates from boot camp June 19th but has to go immediately into more training, I am going to start another blog keeping you all updated on him and how is doing. I may start a new blog for our new start as well. I have not decided. SO look forward to our new life and I will let you know the new blog address for my soldier.

Monday, January 19, 2009

American Soldier!

I am BACK!! After the LONGEST,hardest,4 weeks of my life I am back! Scott and I are doing ok and working on what we can do get through the next few YEARS of our lives. There is SO SO SO much to update but I will update more later I just couldn't go another day with out blogging about the biggest change in our lives! Scott joined the National Guard on Thurs Jan15,2009. He leaves for Basic March 3rd and is going to Fort Benning Georgia. He could be gone anywhere from 10 to 28 weeks. We are not sure how yet on how they are working on all his special training. He will have 100 weeks to complete 80 weeks of training. He is trying to get into special forces and will have to complete selections for that after his 10-28 weeks of training. I am so proud of this HUGE decision he has made in his life. I will be back at home for at least the 10-28 weeks. After that the army will provide for me a place to be with with him but for now I am HERE!! I will still be living in our house and at this point we don't have to sale!!! He signed 6 years of active 2 years on non active. So total of 8 years!! His base with be here at Camp Williams so after these 2 years of training he will be HERE to stay. Being in special forces however he will be in 24 hour call and may have to leave at anytime. There is still a lot we are learning and need to know and as I have an update I will update you!! I will be throwing him hopefully a SURPRISE goodbye party ( he never checks this) so I hope you all can make it!! CONGRATULATIONS to my loving husband who is willing to serve and protect me!!
The uniform

Close up

Being Sworn in