Monday, January 19, 2009

American Soldier!

I am BACK!! After the LONGEST,hardest,4 weeks of my life I am back! Scott and I are doing ok and working on what we can do get through the next few YEARS of our lives. There is SO SO SO much to update but I will update more later I just couldn't go another day with out blogging about the biggest change in our lives! Scott joined the National Guard on Thurs Jan15,2009. He leaves for Basic March 3rd and is going to Fort Benning Georgia. He could be gone anywhere from 10 to 28 weeks. We are not sure how yet on how they are working on all his special training. He will have 100 weeks to complete 80 weeks of training. He is trying to get into special forces and will have to complete selections for that after his 10-28 weeks of training. I am so proud of this HUGE decision he has made in his life. I will be back at home for at least the 10-28 weeks. After that the army will provide for me a place to be with with him but for now I am HERE!! I will still be living in our house and at this point we don't have to sale!!! He signed 6 years of active 2 years on non active. So total of 8 years!! His base with be here at Camp Williams so after these 2 years of training he will be HERE to stay. Being in special forces however he will be in 24 hour call and may have to leave at anytime. There is still a lot we are learning and need to know and as I have an update I will update you!! I will be throwing him hopefully a SURPRISE goodbye party ( he never checks this) so I hope you all can make it!! CONGRATULATIONS to my loving husband who is willing to serve and protect me!!
The uniform

Close up

Being Sworn in