Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I was goign to wait and post these pictures when we had the whole house painted.I decided we can give a little sneak peak. We have only done the living room but we are going to be doing the whole house its just been crazy busy we have had no time. We had fun timing painting and goofed around a lot I got so dirty as you will see in below pics. Well enjoy....


Almost done

After ( with out everything set up and no pictures or anything but as soon as I get the VINYL,wink wink RACHELLE ,I will get it all up!)
Another after view the picture still not hung up

See so dirty
IN the middle of PAINTING

Scott paintin away
work in progress
LOOK how much tape we had to use

Starting to tape
Just the beginning

It says I LOVE U

S & C = LOVE!!!!!
I told you we had a lot of fun while painting. Between dropping brushes stepping in the paint and tiny paint war and writing on the wall I was a disaster.


Jessica Emily said...

Hey Crystal it's Jessica Adams.
Thank you so much for the cute comment you left on my blog! It seriously made my day!

I love these pictures of you guys painting your living room! We painted ours before we moved in, thank goodness because that's a lot of furniture to have to move!

I would love to see it sometime!
Where in the Boulders do you guys live??

Alexis said...

The painting looks great I still need to come and see it. Haylee keeps asking when she can go swimming with you! We need to set up a time before it gets cold.