Monday, September 8, 2008

Another Mans Junk is Another Mans Treasure......

So....My in-laws had a "yard sale" on Saturday Morning. Friday night we all got together for Hamburger night, and to prepare for the yard sale. I snapped a view pics of the kids and a few with me and the kids (not good sorry). We got up early Sat morning and waited while people came to purchase all the junk we didn't want anymore. They actually made some pretty good money so it made it worth it in the end.
Bo and the Care bear
Haylee was all snug in my blanket. ( it got really cold) Bo was helpin dust everything off
The kids and I snugglin cause it was so COLD

Look how cute he is
CHEESE Haylee was practicing some exercises but Bo just need a snuggle
She was readin to the kids

Oh we are to cute hehe.....
here is a better pic of Haylee,Nikolaus and Jacob.
Tater bug playin in the grass All smiles


Alexis said...

Super cute pictures! I think I will have to yoink a few!!

hello, my name is amber marie. said...

cute pictures! garage sales are so much work! i'm glad it was worth it for them :)