Thursday, September 4, 2008

Labor Day!

So my family didn't do its normal camping weekend on Labor day this year. So we decide to get together on Monday and go boating. Well the weather decided for us instead and ended up not going. So we had to make other plan. On the phone with my sister and Mom.( 3 way calling) I thought lets go to the movies. I look and with all the kids (5(7,5,5,3,1) and one on the way) we have to see kid movies. Looking to go to the District there was no movies.I had the brilliant idea of going to the $1. Well everyone else in Utah had that idea too. The line was HUGE. I messed taking a picture but we wanted to see Kun Fu Panda. By the time we got together and in line 2 showings were sold out. We decided that the movie was not a good idea. We decide to all go shopping or whatever an meet back with take out at Mom and Dads and play games.My sister ,Mom and I went shopping an came back and got our boys an headed over. We played Rock Band and boy was it FUN. My family is a HOOT.

Brian is REALLY good

We always make her sing ( Rachelle)

This pic is crazy. It actually shows Amy really well Just me Playin
Talmage was actually pretty good ( He gets baptized next month AHHH)
We were so tight we made him look hunchback
Ahh Better I love this pic
Tim playin the drums

Look at Mom play the drums to funny
Just watchin
Tplayin the guitar ( he is not my little T anymore)
Hanging out. Rachelle is singing away
Her face in this one is CLASSIC


The Lund Five said...

Looks like fun. We did go to the $1 movie. My parents stood in line for tickets and by the time they got up front we had to go to the 2:10 movie because the 2 earlier ones were sold out. I've never played Rock Star, but I love Guitar Hero!!

The Lund Five said...

P.S. We saw Kung Fu Panda. Cute movie!!

kimbob said...

that is awesome to see your family playing! I love your mom's faces. Looks like everyone had a good time!