Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I was able to go to my niece and sister in laws dance performance on Friday. She is just at that age were they do not know all the moves yet so they just kinda do there own thing and she sure did. Here is a few picure of them. I know they are dark but it was dark and I had to shut the flash off. They bothed dance to 3 songs. Hairspray mix is the on that she did last so I have a really good picture of that! I also threw in a few pics of 2 of the 3 proud brothers there. Not sure why I never got a pic of Talmage. Conner was smiling so good for me too. He was pulling all sorts of faces. I love being an AUNT!!!!!!

Here Is Adalee with her dance trophy!( Her poor lip still has ouchies)

This one is really dark but she is shakin her BUTT how cute. She is the small one in the middle.

My Beautiful sister in law Marianne. I thought it was cool how it caught her lines!
Here she is again. Hard to miss BRIGHT orange!
Adalee bendin down doin her thing.
Kaden was a little bored I think

Like how cute Kaden is in the background. This is my little chunkers!

He was clappin too! YAY Bubba!

Look at that smile. He melts his Aunts heart!!!!!!


Ben, Jamie, Maddy said...

So cute! I love little dance programs! So fun!

PS: Happy happy birthday... Friday? Right? I will bring you cookies!

Ben, Jamie, Maddy said...

Hey this is Ben, I noticed in your myspace pictures, scott has call of duty 4 for xbox...my FAVORITE game. Does he still have his xbox?