Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ending the Confusion!!!

Alright well everyone has been asking me why I was in the hospital and what happened to my foot. So here it is...

Some friends and I were acting like we were two again, playing around, goofing off. Well Long story short I got dropped right on my head and neck. I thought I was ok and just blew it off that night. WELL it got worse and the headaches were SO bad I could not even stand it. Scott wanted me to call the doc and get it at least looked at. Well I called my doc and he told me to go to the ER .So Off I headed to the ER. got every test don’t known to man to make sure there was no bleeding and all that fun stuff. Well I am still walking today so I am ok. I ended up getting my FIRST concussion. I am feeling a lot better and the headaches are pretty much gone now. She said I could have them for 1-2 weeks after but it’s a lot better now.
Not even a week later did I land myself at the doc again!
Now to the foot….
Well my Dad was driving around the little kids taking them for a ride. Well Addie felt left out so I walked out to the fork lift to put her on too. WELL there was just to many kids so we were arranging the kids so they all fit my dad went to go put the break on and it ran over my toe. I screamed YOUR ON MY TOE GET OFF! Well he had to move the kids around to get to the gear and FINALLY moved off my toe. I could not even feel my toes so at first there was NO pain. Well I felt blood and thought strange blood?? Well I pulled off my shoe and I have over a dozen pin size blood blisters on my toes. The blood had nowhere else to go. I thought I could once again blow it off and it will get better. Well It was getting worse and I could not even walk on it so the next day I went to the doc. I have NO broken bones. The doc was so surprised and told me I am very lucky. However, everything else that is possibly in my foot is broken. We are treating it like a break. I have to be in this stupid shoe ( pic below) for a few weeks and I am NOT looking forward to it. I already want to pull it off.

Thank you for the concerns and the love I really appreciate it. It makes me feel a little less retarded. I have never broken a bone and it takes a lot to get me down so lets hope this is it right??? I know yeah right but I can hope right!

My poor little foot gets cold in this weather


Ness said...

long time no talk!!
sorry bout your foot!