Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My Birthday!!

So the BIG surprise. So I knew Scott was plannin on something but I was not sure what. On Thursday night he gave me note that Mom wrote for him ( she is an English teacher so it was GOOD).It gave me a clue and to sum it up I knew I was either going camping or to a place liek Mesquite. Scott made me pack a bag for both and told me he would tell me when I got home from work. So things didnt go as Scott planned and he was suppose to be there RIGHT when I got home to take me. Well I got home and he wasnt home he told me to chill out for a bit. So he took my CAMPING! One of my favorite things in the world. He went to take me up Tiblefork but ALL the campsites were FULL even though he called all day and they lady said i was open. Well my parents have a membership to Camperworld,so he ended up just takin me up to coalville and camped there. It was SO SO SO FUN. We hung out, went swimming,fishing,played football ,card and many more things. We had friends coming up and back the whole weekend. It was great! Scott had my favorite camping foods all prepared and made it the BEST 21st birthday I could ask for. THANKS to My loving husband who planned it ALL. Also to KEV I( hubby # 2) who took work off and helped Scott through it all. I dont know what I would to with out EITHER of them.THANKS!!!!!!!!

They thought it was FUNNY to smash cake in my face!

Other pics on slide show coming soon.....


Ben, Jamie, Maddy said...

ha ha I knew the surprise before you did! lol... anyway! Glad it was great! And glad you are back up and running again!