Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Over June 19-22 we went to my family reunion. Every year we get together around the same time in June and come up to one of my cousin ( I think its a cousin,I think its my Grandmas cousin???) land up in ophir and we camp and have fun activities. A new member of the family is in charge each year so a few thign very but mostly the same thing. crafts,quilt tiein,bubble blowing constest,CAKE walk and dinner. I know there is more but that is all I can think of now. Sometimes we bring the four wheelers anf go one rides but my Dad got really sick of bein the only four wheelers up there and the crashes and fights over them so he doesnt bring them up as much anymore. Well this year we decided to do a family ride on Friday when most of the people are up there. A lot of people dont stay over and just come up for the festivites on Saturday. Scott was unable to come up with me on Thursday because he had to work so he was not able to go on the ride. It was My brother Tims family,my parents and me. It was really fun. Here are a few pictures of our FUN weekend!

Scott looking just STUNNING!!


My wonderful HUSBAND and I! Some of the fam chillin

I love Jess in this pic she is going to EXPLODE with baby

I love this BOY!
Just me
The DIRTY TWINS ( cousin and I have been called that since we were born were 6 months apart and insperable)
Kaden in the cake walk

Scott cookin
Family doin a cake walk
More chillin pics.... and again
Cake walk!!!!

Conner on the Rhino
My Dad and bro tunin it up before the ride